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Food Security Project
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Project Description

The Wisconsin Food Security Project provides localized information about the food security infrastructure in Wisconsin. The project promotes food security by helping planners and policymakers identify strengths and gaps in their communities, and by helping service providers and individuals and families to locate food-related resources.

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More information

We are continuing to add new data and new features, so please check back periodically for updates.

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Please note: We make all efforts to ensure the accuracy of the data provided. In some cases, complete data may not be available. The site is under ongoing development, and it is possible there may be mistakes or omissions. We welcome input via the email link.

To receive occasional email updates when we add new data or features to the website, please send us an email with 'Add to email list' in the subject, and your name, position/agency, and email address included in the message.

We appreciate your citing the source when sharing data or maps from this website:

Wisconsin Food Security Project. Applied Population Lab, University of Wisconsin - Madison. Date.


This project is supported by the School of Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Applied Population Lab, and UW-Extension Family Living Programs.
Project coordinators: Judi Bartfeld and Amber Canto.
Website designer: James Beaudoin

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